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What if you are not there anymore? Wouldn't it be great if your next of kin knew what your last wishes are? Or look at it from another perspective: wouldn't you, as a survivor, like to know the last wishes of someone that you loved dearly?


After the death of a loved one, surviving family members have a lot to process in a short amount of time. They must process many things. Will it be a burial or a cremation? What should the funeral card look like? Is there a family grave? What should the reception after the ceremony look like?


For all of these matters, there is the Last Wishes app, developed with you and your next of kin in mind. The app is designed in a simple question and answer format. The app asks the questions now that your next of kin may ask themselves later. By documenting your answers now, you will unburden your next of kin in the future. Do you feel that a certain question is lacking? There is a special page for your other wishes. Are words falling short? The app also offers the possibility to add photos.


How it works? Also very simple, in three steps:

  1. Create a user name and a password for access to a secure page. All data on this page are encrypted and stored on a secure server.
  2. Create a separate password for your next of kin. Below the window called “your password”, you will find a separate window called “survivors’ password”.
  3. Provide your user name and survivors’ password to your confidants. After logging in, they will see your last wishes. On this page, you can also leave behind all the information that your survivors will need to take care of your financial affairs. This includes bank details (NO PIN CODES!), subscriptions (also online), insurances, contributorships and passwords, for example for Facebook.

Please note: The survivors will receive a 'read-only' document, so it is not possible for confidants to change your information.

Help unburden your next of kin

Document your wishes in this app

Saying farewell is already hard enough

Download the Last Wishes app in the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Compatible with smartphones and tablets.

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